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We grow all of our hays and forages.

  • Premium Alfalfa

    Clean, bloomed out 10-20 percent, baled at 15% moisture, flakes well, barn stored, perfect for horses and all other livestock. Available in 100lb bales.

    Crude Protein (min) 15.9 %
    TDN 50.7 %
  • Alfalfa #2

    Not as fancy as Premium Alfalfa but still good to feed to all your animals.

  • Alfalfa #3

    Our #3 hay is lower grade alfalfa and is less clean and/or slightly discolored but is still good hay. It is mold and burr free. It is sold as is and not guaranteed.

  • Alfalfa - High Test

    Alfalfa with a kick: Crude Protein of 17.8% and a TDN of 52.7%. (Both values are as fed, not a dry matter basis.) Great for milking animals or high performance animals.

  • Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Mix

    50/50 mix of alfalfa and orchard grass. Cool weather of northern Nevada's high desert provides for a clean and healthy stand of Alfalfa and orchard grass.

  • Teff

    Average protein is 10-12%, teff is a warm season grass that has similar feed values to Timothy. While traditonally teff was used as a grain alternative for Gluten intolerance in human consumption, it has become a popular alternative grass hay for horses and livestock.

    Crude Protein (min) 9.774 %
    NSC 10.59 %
    TDN 50.53 %
  • Tri-grain

    Blend of Beardless wheat, beardless barley and oats, cut green while in the milk and baled at 15% moisture. The barley and oats balance out the "stemmy" wheat. Makes a good forage adding roughage to your horses diet.