Let’s face it, you’d rather spend more time with your animals than picking up, loading and unloading hay time after time. We offer a variety of delivery options to give you more time back. Check pricing in your area for available delivery options and pricing.

1. Flatbed delivery - When you need your hay hand stacked, this is the option for you

2. Retriever - A retriever truck is a custom built bed specifically for picking up and unloading a block of hay. A block of hay can be any amount of hay ranging between 48 and 88 bales. This is the most efficient and economical option for delivering less than truckload amount of hay locally.

3. Express Deliveries - Unique to Abe’s hay, we have developed a self contained system to deliver small or large, full truck, loads of hay from our feilds and barn directly to you. This system allows us to greatly reduce overhead by eliminating the need for a yard and equipment at each destination service area.