Our Family

In 1939 my Great Grandfather, L.C. Schank, bought a small farm in Fallon, Nevada and put down his roots. Soon after, my grandfather, Cyril Schank, started a small Dairy on that farm. He, along with his sons, including my father Ernest, ran the Dairy for many years. While we are no longer in the Dairy business, my father and I now focus on producing high quality forages for livestock. My three young sons, and daughter now make the fifth generation.

I started selling hay in the winter of 2011 as a side job. I loved providing a product that people needed with service that they love. I am currently growing that small backyard hay side job into Abe's Hay 'n' feed, a business that provides a variety of high quality livestock hay and feed to Northern Nevada. Future plans I have for Abe's Hay 'n' Feed is to expand our hay and forage product line and offer many formats for our products such as cubes, pellets, and complete feeds unique to us. All made by us with hays that we grow. One of my main goals For Abe's Hay 'n' Feed is to provide a full service home delivery system so you can have more time to do what you want and spend less time getting feed. Basically you tell us what hay and/or feeds you want, and we will deliver it on your schedule; weekly, every other week, monthly, etc. We are growing, so check back with us to see what new products and services we are offering.

Our Operation

From seed to feed we take pride in being there from the beginning of the growing process to your animals mouth.