Hay and Forages

We take great pride in growing the best quality hay. With over 800 acres in production we prep and select a variety of high quality forages including alfalfa, grasses, and grain hays. When you buy your hay from us, you're buying directly from the grower. And we go one step further than your typical farmer - we laboratory test our hay so that you know exactly what sort of nutrition your animal is getting!

  • Premium Alfalfa

    Alfalfa hay is an excellent source of energy, protein, calcium and some other nutrients for horses. Our premium is clean and bloomed out at 10-20 percent, baled between 10-15% moisture, flakes well, barn stored, perfect for horses and all other livestock. Three string, 100lb bales. Nutrition information provided is on an "as fed" basis.

    ADF 27 %
    Calcium 1.54 %
    Crude Protein (min) 17.5 %
    NDF 32.3 %
    Potassium 1.36 %
    TDN 52.8 %
  • Alfalfa #2

    A step below our premium, #2 may have some weeds or may not flake as well, but is still suitable for those animals who prefer alfalfa but don't mind a few "extras". No noxious or toxic weeds, and contains no mold.

  • Timothy

    Premium quality Timothy grass grown in Reese River, 2022 Haying season.

  • Meadow Grass

    Meadow grass out of Smith Valley's 2022 crop! Nutrient content listed on an "as fed" basis (not dry matter).

  • Alfalfa/Orchard

    50/50 mix of orchard grass and alfalfa from the 2022 haying season. Cool weather of northern Nevada's high desert provides for a clean and healthy stand of Alfalfa and orchard grass.

  • Beardless Wheat

    Beardless wheat provides some great benefits: it's a high fiber forage, it helps promote a healthy gut by eliminating/preventing impaction and keeping any ingested sand moving through the intestinal track, it has a mild protein content which makes it a good free-feed forage, it also has a high total digestible nutritional value, meaning the animal can draw a lot of nutrition out of the plant.

  • Beardless Wheat- Big Bales

  • Teff

    Teff is a warm season grass that has similar feed values to Timothy. While traditionally teff was used as a grain alternative for gluten intolerance in human consumption, it has become a popular alternative grass hay for horses and livestock. Teff typically has lower non-structural carbohydrates compared to other grasses, which is ideal for horses with carb sensitivities. It is also high in complex fiber. (Nutrition data listed on a as-fed (not dry matter) basis.)

    Crude Protein (min) 7.98 %
    NSC 10.35 %
    TDN 45.50 %
  • Tri Grain

    Mixture of Wheat, Barley and Oats