We offer a variety of bagged feeds for all your critters. All feed comes in 50 lb. bags unless otherwise noted.

  • Stable Mix

    Stable Mix is a complete pellet, meaning that it contains enough fiber (max 32%) when fed as directed can safely replace the other sources of forage in your horse’s ration. Stable Mix also contains almond hulls, a super fiber which provide more calories to your horse than hay, but in a safer form than grains. If your horse is in moderate or heavy work or is a senior and needs a higher level of protein in the diet please check out our , Sport Horse Mix, and Senior Stable Mix. Soybean meal is included as a source of quality protein high in essential amino acids. Unlike hay, Stable Mix comes with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to insure that all of your horse’s nutritional needs are met. We don’t just use any minerals we use Zinpro Performance Minerals. These patented organic minerals are unique in the market place. For more information on Zinpro minerals visit their website at www.zinpro.com

    NSC Crude Protein Minimum 9.0% Crude Fat Minimum 2.7% Crude Fiber Maximum 32.0% Calcium Minimum 0.4% Calcium Maximum 1.0% Phosphorous Minimum 0.2% Sodium Maximum 0.5% Ash Maximum 9.0% %
  • Stable Mix G&C

    Stable Mix Low Carb Formula is a complete, forage based pelleted feed specially formulated to provide your horse a low starch and sugar diet with all the daily recommended vitamins and minerals, as well as rice bran for the coat and biotin for healthy hoof growth. Stable Mix Low Carb Formula contains no corn or molasses and is lower in sugar and starch than most low-carb feeds in the current market. The NSC's are below 11% providing the best possible diet we offer for horses with special dietary needs or for owners wishing to provide their horse a well-balanced, low carbohydrate diet. Stable Mix contains Alltech prebiotic & probiotic ingredients, and Zinpro 4 Plex C and Zinpro 120, bio-available trace minerals containing Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Cobalt. These minerals are essential in the health of your horse, improving hoof growth, coat condition, immune response, bone development and feed digestibility.

  • Stable Mix Senior

    For those who have entered their golden years, Senior Stable Mix is formulated to meet the particular challenges they face. Research has shown that senior and geriatric horses are less able to absorb protein and for this reason our Senior Stable Mix provides a minimum of 13.5% crude protein, 3.5% more than the standard Stable Mix. Because of their reduced capacity for absorbing minerals, Senior Stable Mix utilizes Zinpro’s premier organic performance minerals. One of the most common challenges with managing senior and geriatric horses is maintaining body weight and condition. Utilizing forages can be a challenge due to poor dentition as well as a reduced capacity to digest forage. Pellets reduce the need for chewing, a real bonus for seniors with poor teeth. Additionally the Senior Stable Mix pellets include, not only almond hulls, but also a second super fiber; beet pulp. Together these fibers help provide your senior horse with an easily digestible and safe form of energy.

    NSC Crude Protein Minimum 13.5% Crude Fat Minimum 3.5% Crude Fiber Maximum 27.0% Calcium Minimum 0.65% Calcium Maximum 1.25% Phosphorous Minimum 0.30% Sodium Maximum 0.5% Ash Maximum 9.0% %
  • Stable Mix Senior G&C

    Stable Mix Senior with added glucosamine and chondroitin.

  • Cool Stance

    Cool Stance Copra is a unique horse feed low in Non-Structural Carbohydrate (NSC) and high in digestible energy content. Cool Stance is packed with ‘cool’ energy from coconut oil and fiber from coconut meal. Cool Stance copra is suitable for most horses and can be fed to maintain a natural state of gut health and insulin sensitivity, i.e. normal insulin metabolism. Cool Stance copra is made from the white part of the coconut, which has been dried, baked and ground. Totally natural and GMO-free.

  • Equilix with Garlic 50#

  • Promega FlaxEquine 25#

  • Promega FlaxExtra 25#

  • Chicken Scratch

    A blend of cracked corn, whole grain sorghum, and whole wheat provide a tasty, yet nutritious snack for your poultry!

  • Layer Crumbles All Natural +

    Properly feeding your chickens gives them the nutrition they need in order to lay quality eggs. Your feed should also focus on optimizing your chicken’s health. Our Elk Grove Milling Coop Mix is specially formulated with premiere ingredients to support your chickens and help them reach their natural potential. Laying hens have special nutritional needs. In order to produce quality eggs, hens need extra calcium. Though hens have calcium reserves, they can become easily depleted and result in weak eggshells. If the calcium reserves become too depleted, the hen could stop producing eggs entirely. It is important to feed high quality layer feeds that will cater to your hen’s nutritional and laying needs. The average hen needs 5 oz. of feed and 10 oz. of water to produce 1 egg. Coop Mix Layer Pellet is produced in a medication free facility. Available in either pellets or crumbles.

  • Layer Pellet High Protein 20%

  • Oyster Shell Lay Blend

  • Henny Penny Scratch Block

  • Game Bird Mix

    80# Bag EN Game Bird Mix can be fed as the sole ration to mature game birds. Includes: Whole Corn, Whole Wheat, Whole Sorghum, Soy Bean Meal, Trapper Peas. Sunflower Seeds, Whole Oats.

    Calcium .40 %
    Crude Fat (min) 4.5 %
    Crude Fiber (min) 6.70 %
    Crude Protein (min) 12.8 %
  • Duck/Goose Feed

  • Duck Feed 20%

  • Wild Bird Western Delight

  • Swine Grower Pellets

    With a crude protein of 16%, the grower pellets can be fed as a sole ration to hogs from 70-150 lbs.

  • Sheep Mix

  • Goat Ration

    Goat ration is a starter/grower/finisher containing 16% crude protein, and can be fed alongside good quality hay.

  • Llama Supplement

  • Sweet Cob (4-Way Mix)

  • Corn Flaked

  • Oats - Crimped

  • Beet Pulp

  • Alfalfa Cubes

  • Molasses Bucket

  • Dog Food 27%

    Farmers Best Chunk Dog Food 27%